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Smart Lighting Solutions

Let's light up ...

... your life!

Lighting is an important part of the atmosphere at your home. It helps showcasing the decor and enhances your mood, all the while contributing to your convenience and security. Our consultants can advise you on how to set the scene for your personal preferences, devising tailor made smart lighting to suit your life style.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting by OT Solutions' capable technicians adds ambiance, elegance, convenience and energy efficiency to your home. Raise or dim the lights in a room or throughout the entire house at the touch of a button, or activate lighting customized to your work or leisure moods. Have OT set up automated lighting in response to your schedule without touching anything at all.

Lighting that adds to your security

Customized mockupance brought to you by OT Solutions - Lighting, raised and lowered window blinds, TV or audio distribution, all designed to simulate your family's habits and create the perfect semblance of occupancy. A highly efficient and easily implemented security solution. Talk to one of our consultants about how to implement it for your family home.