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Single room solutions

Your personal entertainment experience all in one room with OT

Relax with your favourite music, watch a movie with friends, show your holiday photos to your relatives, or give your kids the latest in game technology – all set up by OT Solutions. Our easy access solution for all your entertainment, brought to life with technology by our partner Control4. Enjoy the comfort of having everything at your fingertips with a single remote that‘s capable of more than entertainment – controlling temperature, window shutters, doors and more at the push of a button.

The all-in-one solution

Have all your audio and video technology in your favorite room responding to a single remote. Single room solutions by OT based on the technology of our partner Control4 offer you comfort and ease at very reasonable starting prices.

Streaming unlike anything you‘ve ever heard

Experience latest entertainment technology and crystal clear audio for your preferred streams, at your favorite place. OT Solutions consultants and technicians will give you the equipment to support most streaming services and additional extensions by AirPlay streaming to profoundly transform the way you enjoy digital audio. In one room – and extendable when you‘re ready.

Entertainment at the push of one button

Sounds incredible? Remotes by Control4 are easily and intuitively used to lower the window blinds, dim the lights and start your preferred movie. Transform your living room into your very own movie theater, or have a proper home cinema set up by our technicians. Relaxing at home has never been easier.

One device to rule them all

Thanks to the partnership between OT Solutions and Control4 we can offer you remote controls that support nearly electronic 10,000 consumer devices from top international brands. When you feel you want to go beyond the scope of entertainment technology, adding home environment control of lights, security, temperature or other elements, your Control4 remote will take it all in stride.

Multiple Solutions for your convenience

OT Solutions will give you a wide range of options to control your home automation and entertainment, tailor made for each family member. You may choose a classical remote, a keypad, or access by the Control4 app using your smartphone or tablet.