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Home Automation at its best. OT Solutions.

Automation Solutions for the Smart Home of Your Dreams

Founded in 1992 and located in New Cairo, OT Solutions is the home automation division of GIMPEX. Since then it has been a leading name in high-end residential installations in Egypt, bringing smart and green home solutions to the local residents using state of the art technology. OT Solutions is proud of its reputation for staying ahead of developments, creating innovative home solutions for its clients. Our team of experienced innovators turns technical complexity into comfortable simplicity for our clients, setting OT Solutions apart from our competitors.
With this approach OT Solutions changes people's lives. Our objective is creating environmentally friendly digital homes – this has made us one of the leading home automation providers in Egypt. If you want to opt for a home automation solution in your existing or planned home, just give us a call!
Our home automation and environment control solutions, personalized and with the technology supplied by our partners Control4 and Dali, will give you truly amazing whole-home experiences - incredibly comfortable, tuned to your preferences, eco-friendly and above all, perfectly safe. Enjoy smart lighting in your home and outside, adjusting to your mood and work requirements, have your favorite tunes follow you about the house, enjoy comfortable temperatures. All with the additional assurance of a comprehensive security system at your fingertips.

Our Philosophy

Excellence – we rigorously seek out the best equipment and reject those products which do not meet our exacting standards.
Value – we stock and sell excellent products, from the most reliable to the ultimate in high end solutions.
Expertise – we have decades of experience and expertise in home automation.
Enthusiasm – we are enthusiasts. Our equipment is a means to the end of enjoying sound and vision.
Satisfaction – your satisfaction is the measure of our success.

OT - Our Expertise and Creativity At Your Service

OT Solutions are a combination of technological expertise and creativity, transforming your living spaces with innovative smart technology and home automation. Our solutions are scalable to fit home and commercial environments, hotels and even yachts. Our team of technicians works with architects, interior designers and developers to deliver personalized solutions, based on our clients‘ floor plans and making each and every one of our projects completely singular. OT is proud to present solutions for audio visual and lighting design, home automation and control systems, home cinemas, multi-room sound and vision, lighting and networking solutions.
We are dedicated to what we do, striving to exceed our customers’ expectations in providing the best service possible. The OT team combines experience and qualifications in electrical engineering, electronic engineering, corporate and domestic ICT, audio, video, distribution and integration technologies, giving you the best possible system to meet your requirements, at the right price.

Entertainment and Home Automation Solutions

Home automation brings technology and convenience together, synching the digital devices that you use every day—TVs, audio equipment, lights, security panels, thermostats, and so on – thus, you‘ll be able to control it all from one easy-to-use interface. This may be a touch screen, a remote control, a keypad, or your smartphone – making your home more comfortable and convenient.
So what does this actually mean for your daily life? Well, like watching a movie with only one remote instead of the coffee table clutter you‘re used to – not only to start the screening, but also dimming the lights and lowering the window blinds! All set to your preferences and at the push of a button.
Want to check on the garage doors or windows at home? You can access home control from your smartphone wherever you are to keep your home safe even when you are away!

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