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Home Theater Solutions

Your own home cinema with all the cutting edge technology of a modern cineplex

Watch the screen descend and the DVD player hum into action at the touch of a button, with the lights dimming and surround sound played for the total movie experience - at home. Brought to you by OT Solutions. Experience immersive, high-resolution audio and high-definition video in combination with a smart TV or projection screen, as well as ambient lighting customized to complete the perfect movie settings. OT Solutions consultants and technicians will set you up with the equipment to be tucked away after use and a single control remote or touch screen to access all functions.

Cinema atmosphere at your fingertips

Sounds incredible? Remotes by Control4 are easily and intuitively used to lower the window blinds, dim the lights and start your preferred movie. Transform your living room into your very own movie theater, or have a proper home cinema set up by our technicians. Relaxing at home has never been easier.