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Entertainment Solutions

Power, performance, reliability – your ultimate entertainment experience

Entertainment solutions based on the technology of our partner Control4 give you the ultimate audio and video experience, no matter the size of your home. Have your media accessible in one room or every room, to enjoy the latest 4K movies, stream brilliant audio, enjoy comfortable, clutter free entertainment with a single remote.
Technology is completely out of sight, leaving you to interact with an easy-to-use, intuitive Control4 interface, like a hand-held remote or a tabletop touch screen, your mobile phone or even voice control!

Family Room

Your one room smart experience that suits your budget – get your one-remote entertainment experience by OT Solutions for your family room.
Combine access to your TV channels, movies, videos and games, together with your music library and your on-demand channels of choice, like Netflix, Amazon Fire and more.
All at the touch of a button!

Home Theater

Get your own home cinema with all the cutting edge technology of a modern cineplex. OT Solutions can make your movie dreams come true.
Watch the screen descend and the DVD player hum into action at the touch of a button, with the lights dimming and surround sound played for the total movie experience. Experience immersive, high-resolution audio and high-definition video in combination with a smart TV or projection screen, as well as ambient lighting customized to complete the perfect movie settings. We‘ll set you up with the equipment to be tucked away after use and a single control remote or touch screen to access all functions.

Multi-room Audio

Your prefered tunes – all around the house or in the room of your choice with OT Audio Solutions.
The world of music at your home! Listen to your favorite music and have popular streaming services integrated into your home audio system without additional devices, with the option to view cover art displayed on your mobile, tablet or TV.

Multi-room Video

Crystal clear audio and brilliant video quality wherever you want it.
Have the rooms of your home sharing access to your movie and music library as well as streaming services and satellite TV channels – all the while doing away with TV receivers and other devices. Have OT Solutions set up your one-source combined audio and video network, with all the equipment hidden away – leaving you to enjoy a stylish, clutter free home.

Entertainment Products


Customized Entertainment Solutions

Discover the pleasure of amazing home cinema or all-home audio with our entertainment solutions adapted to your personal preferences and lifestyle!

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