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Dali / AS - Sublime Sound Solutions for Your Home

Brilliant Sound - More than just music

At DALI, we are driven by a raw passion for music and its honest reproduction in the domestic environment. The development and refinement of new technologies to increase the realism of the home entertainment experience is the main objective in our quest to create what we believe to be the best loudspeakers in the world.

In Admiration of Music

DALI speakers are characterized by sublime quality and an engaging sound experience. The EPICON series deliver dramatically rich and detailed sound that will blow your mind and captivate your senses. These loudspeakers are the result of a passionate, tireless quest to reach perfection.
There are musical experiences in life so epic that you wish they would never end. Moments so wonderfully overpowering the very thought of them makes your heart tremble, your mind go wandering and your ears yearn for more. With the new, awe inspiring DALI EPICON loudspeaker you can relive that sensation, again and again.

DALI A/S - The Company

DALI, Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries, grew out of Scandinavia’s leading audio retail chain in 1983, based on the observation that customers often requested a combinations of size, shape, performance and price that existing brands could not offer. We committed ourselves fully to the task of creating loudspeakers with outstanding performance and natural sound at competitive prices.
Brimming with confidence and inspired by a firm belief that it would be possible to create a unique DALI sonic identity that focused on musical realism and sound integrity, we set out to redefine the reproduction of sound.


With close to 30 years of experience and global recognition, DALI has taken a stance on sound that has advanced the state of the art, inspiring music and cinema lovers and challenging the competition to catch up.
DALI offers a wide range of speakers to suit every taste from the cost-conscious to the ultimate performance speaker lines, bringing music and movies to life at our clients‘ homes with a nuanced and richly detailed listening experience.
A key contributing factor to DALI’s superiority is exclusive DALI driver units designed from scratch by our engineers in close collaboration with experts from the world’s leading driver manufacturers. Constant research in the acoustic sciences, development of new technologies and empowerment of our employees as well as monitoring customer feedback is our recipe. Our commitment to excellence and honest reproduction shines through in every DALI loudspeaker.

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