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Security Solutions

Because Your Safety Matters

The comfort of feeling secure at home - OT Security Solutions give you peace of mind with full control even while away. Be it video surveillance, an easily armed home alarm, or mockupancy for your extended absence - we have it all.

Effortless Security

Our safety and security experts will give you an intuitive user interface for a touchscreen, TV or mobile device - to easily arm or disarm your security system. Whenever you're out, set the alarm, engage the cameras and lock the doors - with just one button.

Full control of your locks

Manage access to your home even while you're out - our security solutions allow you to view your locks and grant access from wherever you are. Experience the comfort of feeling safe and sound with notifications to alert you if there is a door or window left open, or a pipe leak in your home. OT Security Solutions give you full control over your safety.

Customized Mockupance for your home

Lighting, raised and lowered window blinds, TV or audio distribution, all designed to simulate your family's habits and create the perfect semblance of occupancy. A highly efficient and easily implemented security solution. Talk to one of our consultants about how to implement it for your family home.

Camera Surveillance

OT Solutions gives you the option to have full or partial camera surveillance in your home or office. Monitor activities while away using the app by our partner Control4. Live coverage of all activities in and around your home at your fingertips.

Safety & Security Products and Devices