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Audio Distribution Solutions

Your favorite tunes in breathtaking clarity

Weaving Music into the Fabric of your Daily Life

Listen to your choice of music to stimulate or soothe, surrounding you with the tunes you love wherever and whenever you want to listen to them with OT Audio Distribution Solutions. Either in one room, or all through your home.


Sound that transcends and transforms

Discover the details and crisp clarity of a truly immersive music experience. The advanced technology of the sound systems installed by OT Solutions deliver sound as it is meant to be heard - either for your preferred spot or as a multi-room audio solution.

Smart Sound Streaming

Technology provided by our partner Control4 offers native support and AirPlay streaming for the most popular services available. You don't even need additional gadgets to enjoy readily accessible music of your choice in the best possible quality!


As You Like It - And Where You Like It

Let everyone have their favorite music in their rooms or on the terrace, all at the same time - or have one single sound source streamed all through the house for an all-immersive sound experience or a festive event.

Customizing Your Acoustics

Discover the difference - start up your sound system from your mobile as you come home. Have your music at your fingertips with a touch screen wherever you are. Or choose a keypad with added sound functionality. There are so many options - and they all add comfort to your home.