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OT Solutions for your comfort and security


Whether you want to transform just one room or apply a comprehensive automation and environment solution to an extensive home or office building, OT Solutions will make it happen. Applying cutting edge technology by our partner Control4 we'll give you the latest and most comfortable in home automation.

Comprehensively customized smart home solutions

The Smart Home of your dreams

Experience home automation solutions that are unbelievably comfortable – all tuned to your preferences, eco-friendly and above all, perfectly safe. Enjoy smart lighting in your home and outside, adjusting to your mood and work requirements, have your favorite tunes follow you about the house, enjoy comfortable temperatures. All with the additional assurance of a comprehensive security system at your fingertips.

OT automation and environment control solutions, personalized and with the technology supplied by our partner Control4, will give you truly amazing whole-home experiences.

The choice is yours

OT Smart Solutions include a wide variety of the technology available today—TVs, loudspeakers, thermostats, door locks, light bulbs, all of them brilliant as a standalone, but only when you see them linked and coordinated by our smart home arrangements will you discover the enchanting living and work surroundings brought to perfection by Control4 technology.

Home Automation – Simply efficient

OT Solutions interfaces are customized to meet your needs. They are designed for easy access of your preferred features, like providing you with a remote control for your audio or video enjoyment, a touchscreen to browse your content, or a keypad for complete control of your home or office lighting. And of course you may count on our mobile or tablet control solutions for access to your home automation – whether you are just out in the garden, or away from home.

Automation and environment control interfaces for all purposes.

OT Automation Solutions - powered by Control4

Intuitive, easily applied control solutions for your everyday use as well as applications and technology that allow you to run your entire home – OT Solutions has them all! Get an appointment with one of our consultants to find out how we may transform your living and working environments with our smart home solutions and deliver comfort you would not have thought possible!